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Kundalini Reiki is a Divine energy designed for jentle activation of inner energy Kundalini.

Kundalini is your own inner energy. It nurtures your chakras that are in charge of all your traits and qualities as well as of everything happening in your life.

The more energy you have the more exciting your life is and the easier to deal with everything and it’s easier to attract what you truly desire and to be more attractive personally.

Kundalini Reiki is a healing flow that can be used everyday, and applied for anything:
— To fill yourself up with energy whenever you’re tired
— To work easier in any area that requires your effort
— To communicate with others while in the flow without any fear of being sucked up or loaded with negative influences
— To receive more harmony and understanding in relationships
— To get rid of physical pain and help your body heal itself
— To meditate in the flow or do any other practices and modalities (yoga/fitness/sex etc.)
— To receive insights directly from the Higher Forces as well as to have a deeper self-understanding

It’s fast. Literally, you can use it on-the-go.
It’s simple. And can be used from the day one, mostly, because it’s energy working not you.
It’s feels nice. The whole new world of subtle sensations opens up.
It’s safe. It’s in harmony with your soul and the Universe.
It can be used no matter the distance. You can help your close ones or clients even from a different continent.

Comparing to other energies Kundalini Reiki is especially good for healing lower chakras: anything connected with confidence, attractiveness, wealth, power and relations with others.

Besides, it’s quite an interesting energy because it contains other sub-flows, some of them are intense and others are very gentle to cover any task may come.

It’s comprehensive and applicable. Being in contact with the Higher Forces is more important than any rules, symbols, western formalism or eastern philosophies that many of other modalities are overburdened with.

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You need at least 20 minutes when you will not be disturbed.

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«I am still under impression for Level 2 initiation. There was perception of huge power and heat.» — Natalia, KR Master, Moscow
«5 years ago Roman literally saved me! After initiations of Kundalini Reiki and his work with me my whole life took off I even got myself a motorbike for 35000$» — Andrew, Master of KR, Moscow
«I’m eager to share with you that I was able to heal headaches of the girls at work. And yesterday I healed my mom’s lower back pain. This is just amazing! The feeling that you REALLY can help your family and close ones just makes me want to fly. I jump with joy.» — Eugenia, KR Master, Moscow

Waiting for you! Roman Ainti

Over 800 initiations

More than 10 years in Reiki and 20 years in bioenergetics.

The very first teacher of Grandmasters

I give the maximum level that others are scared to think of.

In contact with the Higher Forces

I teach it. I work it. I live by it. Only this type of practice bears maximum fruit!